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Formula Green's Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Program Provides:

  • Regularly scheduled mowing service specifically designed for your type of grass.
  • Add Ornamental Tree & Shrub maintenance to the program for a professional appearance that is sure to add value to your home or business. Our proper pruning and trimming techniques keep your plants healthy and looking great!

*As low as $159 per month

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Program

Beautiful Front Yard

Lawn Fertilization & Pest Management

Keeping a beautiful lawn adds value to your home. Formula Green fertilizes lawns, treating them for insects, diseases, and weeds. With our help, your grass will be better prepared to weather unpredictable climate conditions.

Our lawn aerator services improve the circulation of air, water, and nutrients in your soil. This is essential if your yard is highly trafficked by children or pets. Our effective lawn care program includes:

  • Weed Control
  • Pre Emergent Application
  • Complete Fertilization of Your Grass
  • Soil Testing
  • Pest Management

Gorgeous, Healthy Shrubbery

Formula Green's shrub care program is designed to keep your ornamental plants healthy and vibrant. Georgia makes this a challenge with its warm and sometimes humid climate. However, we have plenty of expertise, allowing us to provide quality results. Our staff inspects and treats plants that were being destroyed by expensive insect damage. We offer slow-release fertilization on all of your ornamental plants, which act as natural air purifiers, improving the oxygen content of your home. Formula Green's amazing landscaping services include:

  • Premium Granular Slow-Release Fertilization
  • Nutritional Sprays (That Combine Much-Needed Micronutrients)
  • Control of Numerous Insects (Such as Aphids, Whiteflies, Scales, & Worms)
  • Trimming Plants
  • Leaf-Spot Diseases
  • Controlling Weed Beds
  • Mowing & Edging Lawns
  • Complete Landscape Maintenance
 Healthy Shrubbery

Garden Design

Leave the Landscaping to Us

We also do landscape and plant installations. Formula Green can create a balance in your yard–each plant will accent the other. Our optional services are customized to meet your specific needs. We can handle:

  • Pine Straw & Mulch (For Ornamental Landscape Beds)
  • Fire Ant Treatment (Guaranteed for One Year)
  • Property Cleanup
  • Core Aeration & Seeding
  • Core Aeration of Warm Season Grasses